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Windows vista home premium repair disk free.Boot Disk – Guide for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

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I bought a new computer running Windows 8. Will your disk do this? I have just downloaded your program. It is named a jzip file type. Was wondering if I burn that downloaded item straight to the CD- or do I have to extract the files first? I have downloaded your recovery disc, but nothing works, it is a zipped file and I cannot find out how to use it — help — I am stuck in safe Mode forever?

I think I have Vista Home, and so I purchased that one. Crossing my fingers here. Glady: Nope. It worked perfectly first time. Robert Thank you for sharing your feedback and the good news, and congratulations on fixing your PC!

This way was much cheaper. You are selling a product that is freely available, you are con-men, preying on the masses who have been unfortunate to have a problem with a flawed operating system that through lack of choice was bestowed on them when they bought their hardware. Hope you enjoy your millionaire lifestyle that has been financed by the old, confused and those in need. This is a video demo of the software:. Kindly revise your litigious statements. Does this program not work for Sony Vaio?

I downloaded the program and its not loading whatsoever…. Tried running the automatic repair — states it was successfully repaired — black screen. Safe mode boot hangs on crcdisk. Apparently nothing to do with corrupted hardware, screwed crcdisk. All good. A simple scenario where a repair disc would be useful is if you decide for whatever reason that you want to install Windows XP as well as your current Windows. The system repair disc would be able to reinstall the correct bootloader to make all operating systems bootable.

Most other repair discs made by Windows and uploaded to websites have just about all been taken down from the internet by Microsoft actively seeking their removal, for some reason.

Although not immediately obvious in Windows Vista, it does come with the ability to create the repair CD which you can use to repair things like the boot sector, boot failure issues or various other problems.

The odd thing about Vista is it appears the function to create the disc was removed in Service Pack 1 onwards. What you need to do if you have Service Pack 1 or 2 installed is to use the original Recdisc.

You can download the correct version for your operating system architecture below:. Recdisc for Vista bit Recdisc for Vista bit. If you have UAC on, run the tool and click the Manual button to the right. If done correctly, you should now be able to run the repair disc creator.

Go to Start or press the Win key and type recdisc. All you have to do is press Win or go to Start and type recdisc, then follow the prompts by selecting the optical drive with a blank CD and pressing the button. Unfortunately, with Windows 8 Microsoft has gone back to playing around with the recovery disc feature like they did in Windows Vista. All is not lost though because you still get the new to Windows 8 feature of writing the repair disc directly to USB flash drive.

Then make sure the flash drive is inserted and press Next. The application will scan your hard drive for errors that are preventing Windows Vista from booting. Ruri Ranbe has been working as a writer since She received an A. It will sound like it is booting because you can hear a sound that is coming from the CPU fan and the lights are on. There are instances wherein your computer screen appears black on startup process and you can see the power switch lit to green and then turns to orange or amber, this means that everything is running.

Everything seems to be running properly but you cannot see anything on the screen not even any flashing cursor, and a black screen from Windows appeared before the Windows logo screen. There are hundred reasons why a Window Vista booting problem occurs. Normally, it is easy to solve the problem when you see the error message reminder. You can just load it choosing the safe mode and try to repair it.



Windows vista home premium repair disk free. Vista repair disk


When you cannot boot Windows 7 and have no disk for boot repair, read this post, please. Here comes the guide on how to finish Windows 7 boot repair without installation disc step by step. It worked well until last week. After a sudden power failure, I cannot boot it successfully as normal and stuck on the black screen.

Now I need to repair Windows but I don’t have an actual disk; so is there any way to perform Windows 7 boot repair without the original Windows disk?

Below is a step-by-step guide:. Then follow its prompts to accomplish the process. Insert the bootable USB to the Windows 7 computer with boot problems. Save the changes and restart your computer into Windows PE environment. Then, choose USB drive and press Enter to boot from it. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Apart from rebuilding MBR, the freeware also allows you to check whether there are some bad sectors on the system partition, you can do as below:.

Wait for a few seconds and minutes to complete the partition checking and fixing process. The same methods can also be used to fix Windows 11, Windows 10 or Windows 8 boot issues. But in order to avoid Windows 7 boot failure in the future, you can clone windows 7 to new hard drive for a backup and quick recovery.

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