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Bridge game for pc. Bridge Card Game

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One that new or casual players should be able to pick up and play easily, but which also requires dedication and concentration in order bridge game for pc be skilled at. In addition, you can also save what you have played and pcc with everyone. Bridge Project varies-with-devices 2. Thank you!


Bridge game for pc


The application suits both for professional and beginners, thanks to useful tips and hints during the game. Bridge also requires four players, so the application is able to create a company of bot partners and competitors for you. If you are handicapped, use tips and hints during the game to learn. Try learning the Play first, it will help you understand the playing concept of the Bidding.

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Adobe Photoshop CC. VirtualDJ Avast Free Security. WhatsApp Messenger. Talking Tom Cat. Clash of Clans. Subway Surfers. TubeMate 3. Google Play. Windows Windows. Most Popular. New Releases. Ok, tell me I have fat fingers but couldn’t you please put more space in there???? Very frustrating. Aug 1, By Betty Yarwood. The biding needs correcting. Responds inappropriately. Does not let partner know the points nor best major suit. Aug 7, By Gavin Scott. I’d say it would be a 5 star game if they fixed your partners bidding.

Otherwise overall gameplay is great. Ok, so an addition to my past review.. I’m currently in a game that never ends because my partner and the other team keep bidding stupidly.

There’s been about 26 failed rounds. How hard is it to program ‘bid X of this suit when you have Y number of the suit’. Oct 7, By Judy Lewis. I like playing this game but my partner outfits me what’s the difference suit and then only has two cards in that suit. Since you upgraded this game you can only play the game once and then it locks up every time and also it’s harder to see the cards between the hearts and a diamond students are placed next to each other. This new upgrade sucks.

They keep changing the interface and making it worse. The icons are smaller and smaller. Make them bigger. Get rid of Them and US. Keep north south east and west. Really hate all the constant changes. I hate the changes to the bidding grid. Go back to how it was before with NT at the right not at the bottom! Too bad. It was much better before. Feb 9, By Kathleen Byram. Used to really like this app. Be better just to have to watch one ad every game.

I do not know how much longeri am going to keep playing on this app because 9f too many ads. Dec 19, By Brandon Danielson. Was 5 stars, and a great learning tool. However, recently they put ads in and it plays a long ad between each hand. It didnt have them between hands before and it was great, just had ads on the bottom.

Wont be playing anymore. See all 4 reviews. Mar 2, By Armando Strain. It’s difficult to concentrate on a game when there’s a 30 second commercial in between every hand. Very distracting. Plus, you’re too predictable. You should have different levels of competition, from easy to difficult.

Novice to Master. Oct 8, By S and S Grimstead. Liked the previous version MUCH better. Dont like the way the bidding is displayed. Last version was clearer and easier to see. Don’t like the score page.

Previous version had more display, and was clearer to read. Updates aren’t always better. Apr 16, It’s great that this app operates on a stand alone basis.

However, the bidding process is a little strange regularly E-W bid up to 6 tricks and inevitably fail , and quite often the cards played are bizarre why play a lower trump card? Aside from these, my main gain is learning about the scoring. Aug 17, The cards need to be spaced further apart as it is to easy to hit the card next to the one you meant particularly in sequence eg KJ hit the 9 or K instead of the J.

There should be a back button so that you can correct the mistake. Otherwise I like the APP. See all 3 reviews. Similar to Bridge Card Game. Learning and playing bridge is easy and good for memory! Community This is one of my favorites. For bridge lovers this is a great choice since you can easily find people to play with. You can also check rankings and see how you stand worldwide if that’s your thing.

Community Cannot access the game even tho I have a paid subscription Aug 8, By Geraldine Zoller. I have a paid subscription through March , but can no longer access the game. Only ads pop up. Community Most frustrating Customer response? Equivalency in game? Mar 30, By Kevin Wallace. Have played app for more than a year Had perhaps 10 – 12 formal complaints I. Same bids, same leads Whacked bot decides the outcome. Have tried to reach customer service They are as well just a friggin bot.

This app, developers, customer service are fucked. BTW, don’t curse the developers Fuck your next challenge supremely more. Expert Over , players and over one million deals played every single day Try your luck in single deals or participate in hour tournaments to win ultimate Bridge bragging rights Not able to finish a deal or tournament?

No problem! All games can be paused and returned to at a later time with no penalty more. My favorite Jan 17, By Wordiva smack.

This is my favorite bridge game app. By far. I love this game–you are compared to everyone else who played the same hands. You can practice with help available.

Or play 20 hands in a tournament. Percentages are provided after every hand, with a total percentage in the tournament. I love this app. My husband and I challenge one another and this seems to really help our partnership at the Bridge Club. Apr 5, By Vivien Suttie. Can play a practice hand for just a few minutes and compare scores and play it again.

Very easy to just pick up and put down. Enjoy the game not the glitches Apr 5, By Susanplae. I have enjoyed playing for the last three years but get frustrated when during the course of play the screen only shows the suit last played in my hand rather than the rest of the cards in my hand. I have to get out of the hand and hit resume to get the full hand shown again. Practice on Fun Bridge Nov 23, By Blackbetsy. Although I have played bridge for years I am still learning as I play the practice sessions on Fun Bridge.

And especially helpful is the ability to replay the hand when I am not too pleased with my original results. And I can take advantage of the helpful hints on the second go or simply use my own skills to get a better result.

It is also very relaxing in stressful times. Thank you Funbridge. Be Warned! Sep 2, By azcowino. I have been playing this App for several years. Almost 15, deals. Several of the previous comments are correct. Finesses almost never work! It is almost like the opposing cards change hands. No rebuttals, no teaching, no apologies, just silence?

Fun Bridge Oct 21, By Jane Mercer. Play Funbridge everyday. Have mentioned it before The accumulated total of games is irritating. Keep the number of games reduce to 30 games and then start over.

I am thinking of changing over to BBO just for this reason. I have been a Funbridge player since Some of my other partners have left Funbridge just for this reason. No action has been taken to reduce the number of games Feb 27, By Joachim Bickert. Yearly review: better than nothing but not really recommendable. Results often enough depend only on play of robots. In parts really poor play and bidding by robot partner.

Explanation of bid may be true or not. Never got the impression that reported deals led to any improvement. No update release notes. Rarely random deals but too often extreme distributions. Daring play is almost always rewarded. Several bidding conventions and systems seem to be house brands but no contempory standard.

Aug 24, By Hawaii I am so upset with this program. When I open with a five card suit, the partner never supports the five card major, even holding 3 supporting my suit. Opens with less than opening hand at 1 diamond repeatedly. I open with one no trump, the? Accelerates to 6 no trump continuously. I will not renew my subscription. Frustrating beyond belief. I continue to play for my own practice, but will not renew. I have tried to have human contact several times, with no success.

Thank you, Barbara Mitchell more. By conmenace. Bids and explanations are bizarre and unreliable. For example bidder opens 2 diamonds, bid explanation is that the bidder has 6 diamonds but he actually has 6 spades. This has happened multiple times. You can report the deal but nothing is done nor do they respond to you. Bids NT with 2 worthless doubletons. Sometimes the trick count is incorrect. The leads often make no sense based on the bidding and the leaders holding.

All this for USD a year. Avoid this site! See All Community Reviews. See All Expert Reviews. By Maureen Russ.

This is a great way to get plenty of practice, though sometimes the bidding catches me out! I enjoy the opportunity to replay a hand and see what I could have done better. And the finesses never work! The programme has one weakness and that is the cards sometimes stick, appearing not to be played and holding up the game.

Fantastic but slightly inaccurate Jul 9, By Rockin Guitar player. This is one of the best apps for playing Bridge on the store. I was having a blast playing and learning how to play such a unique card game, however there were some discrepancies. After doing some research on the game and reading well documented texts on correct bidding, the A. In this game is actually in correct in a lot of ways.

For instance, I was playing a round and we were on the 2nd or 3rd round. The A. Jumped from 1 spade to 4 spades!! Funbridge vs BBO Apr 13, By Pivotrm. Funbridge allows you to compete against your friends or others. BBO I use to play with my friends as partners. Funbridge is different in several ways. The robots on Funbridge are significantly better than BBO.

Competing against their Argina requires concentration. Funbridge significantly speeds up the game as well. By conceding all tricks late in the game when appropriate. Also by playing singletons automatically.

It also allows you to play at your convenience without coordinating a time with your friends. BBO does a good job of moving the game along with time limits. It also awards master points and allows chats with your opponents. I enjoy finding out where others are from. Played against some from Sweden, LA and a variety of places. All of us are doing the same thing.

Hiding out from the virus. Thanks May 11, By Betsy N. In this time that the world is trying to comprehend and deal with the crisis that has forced its way into out lives.

Funbridge has helped us to remain sane and free our minds to enjoy the game of bridge again, even for as much time or as little time as one can keep their focus on bridge. Thank you for giving us the venue to keep in touch with our bridge playing friends from all over the world. I have learned that kindness goes a long way in helping your attitude during this pandemic. England, and all the other people I have missed to mention their countries, have shown compassion, thoughtfulness, kindness and friendship.

FunBridge you should be very proud of what you have done. Great Job. Conventions annoying Mar 14, By Love flow pipe. I am a beginner to intermediate bridge player and I find the conventions a pain in the neck I did write a comment to Phone Bridge and let them know that we should be able to change somebody some of the conventions they will not let us do this I never know when the landing at the Druery some reason the conventions come up I think there should be an option to be able to decide which conventions you want to play I agree with the last review that I read that the odds are not in favor of finances etc.

Replay Difficulties May 29, By Kleinh I am sure it has improved my Bridge game significantly. One thing that I really like to do is replay hands, particularly when I do not do as well as the majority of others. However, replay has one very annoying and frustrating problem. If, when I go to choose a card from North, I miss the cards and hit green space by accident, I am thrown out of the replay. I cannot just go back and resume play, but must start all over again. When I miss and hit the green during normal play, I get thrown out but can resume normal play.

Great but could be greater Jan 24, By Took my nickname. I love fun bridge as a beginner. I play with the robot and then I can see how I did amongst others in that contact – and wants even better is the robot shows me how I could have done it better! But I do wish I could choose hands that allow you to play multiple games with an emphasis on a convention I am learning at the time. Other programs do that so now I have 2 bridge programs. To Fun Bridge developers – I would pay more if I could pick deals that I could practice multiple times with a specific convention rather than random after random more.

May 31, By Nicholas Ranson. Funbridge is the nicest online bridge experience I’ve had so far in terms of design and functionality. Having a good deal of experience in international bridge tournaments, I find the robots bidding very rudimentary and they often don’t follow their own rules. But absolutely excellent for up to intermediate players and robots aren’t that good at bidding anywhere, mind you.

Great selection of personal tournaments etc. Good App for learning or relearning Bridge Jul 19, By Princeofroles. Revised July – tried 3 month trial, but appears impossible to opt out of auto renewal! Have spent over an hour trying to cancel, think I’ll have to cancel my credit card. Decent program, but unbelievable customer service!!

I learned to play bridge 50 years ago, then tried online bridge 20 years ago. At that time, getting to play and talk with people from around the world, but the AI for computer players was terrible! Fast forward to , and being retired decided to take up bridge again at a local club.

Funbridge has been great for relearning playing hands, as well as learning new bidding conventions. The feedback is useful, game plays quickly, and the AI is very good. They should call this “No fun bridge” Jun 22, By delematz. The app is ruined because deals are not random.

The key finesse is always off, trumps don’t break, etc. Play for the stiff King, that at least works some of the time. And I am getting really tired of the defense coming up with the magic singleton opposite an Ace to beat otherwise good contracts. The app also cheats – when you defend the declarer will not take a losing finesse when it is logical to do so, and plays a suit the wrong way instead, except as the cards lie it works.

I have played way, way too much real bridge, and know this is NOT random probability. Good contracts that make most of the time don’t make here because the normal laws of probability don’t apply. And there you go, you just wasted money to play a lousy hand with bad breaks. Why does No Fun Bridge go out of their way to do this to you???

Don’t say you weren’t warned. Update: has improved somewhat but still not random. Getting very slow recently. Lots of glitches in the bidding systems. Great user interface, bad bridge engine Oct 1, By Joetherob 1. I use this app all the time for several reasons: great user interface, challenging hands, and a great mix of international players.

Among them are: 1. It seems to be stuck on the French 5 card major system. Statistical anomalies abound, making this a poor learning tool. Nov 14, Horrible interface. Have to click multiple times to play a card.

Then there are other annoying displays popping on the screen before you can play a card. It gets to the point that you forget what you’re trying to do with all the distractions. I couldn’t find a way in the menu to turn off these annoyances. I uninstalled it. Who ever thought that interface was a good idea? Similar to Fun Bridge. Learn Bridge, the card game!

The fun app for lessons, practice, and tournaments. Free In App Purchases. This app is exceptional Nov 28, By Daxemus I was curious about Bridge so bought this on a whim.

It is exceptionally well done. The format it uses to teach is clear, fun, helpful and rewarding. The tournaments are structured well and have lots of play options when you are ready to use your skills. The app itself runs smoothly.

One of the best gaming apps I have ever used. Jun 15, By Sjruuj Booj. It’s a pretty clever take and the bot can bid their hand mostly. Where it doesn’t may just be some logic in my bids that I’m missing. I just started but it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Hopefully it can continue building the bridge community for the next generation.

By DeFazzzzzz. Before downloading this game, to me, bridge was just a game for old people. I had no interest in learning an old person game; however, after downloading this game I immediately questioned my preconceived notions.

Bridge is an incredible card game and a beautiful world hosting an incredibly welcoming community. This game has cultivated my card abilities well beyond just bridge, and changed the way I think about so much else.

Fun game but Nov 24, By BTL. The other option is to pay a little, frequently, for 50 new deals. Edit: I just discovered you can still play in practice mode anytime you want. Very fair. Now worthy of five stars, thank you. Best tutorial ever Oct 18, By Axominster.

Best tutorial ever is kind of an understatement because this game is kind of a teaching tool but the courses here are just amazing. Makes learning bridge fun! Jan 6, By fourohfour. The art, teaching and gameplay are great. Only issue is pricing. Add the ability to have at least unlimited AI play and you would have at least gotten some money out of me. I understand if running tournaments requires ongoing server costs, so charge for those if you must. Just Play is playing against bots, change that to be cost money, but why a consumable, no thanks.

Consumables are not how I play. I will continue to play until I run and, and maybe Practice mode. Love it! Jun 24, By Kay Squared. This is a great app.


Get Bridge V+ – Microsoft Store.Free bridge game


Play Bridge game for pc, one of the most popular card games in the world. Find your favorite Bridge card games and test your skill against other players. Bridge is a game played using a brifge deck. It is based on trick-taking and auction-style play. Commonly played by four participants, it is a popular pastime and a competitive mind sport. Forgot password? Very helpful immersive custom experience. Suitable for bridge game for pc a total novice подробнее на этой странице me!

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Have Hours of Fun. Sports Games. Enjoy a Hobby. Strategy Games. Racing Games. Have Fun With Friends. Popular Keywords in Card Games. Popular Bundles in Fun. New Gxme in Fun.

Bridge game for pc Bundles by Life Goals. Featured Apps by Category. Top Games in Card Games. Solitaire Verse 4. Solitaire Grand Harvest 4. Solitaire Dragons 4. Solitaire 4. Spades – Card Game 4. Solitaire, Classic Card Games 4. Spades: Classic Card Games 4. Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks 4. No paid promotions. Our experts rank apps authentically bame our algorithm. Learn how. Share 33 Save 12 Saving. Save About Bridge Card Games Bridge is a game played using a card deck. Free Fresh In App Purchases.

About the App. All Positive Negative Community Expert 5 4 3 2 1. Mar 6, By Shriram Narayanan. This is a good app for beginners and intermediate players. I like the feature of being able to reolay a hand to see how bidding or offense could be improved.

Defense is hard to get right, but the developers have done a good job. Your partner is consistent, but wooden. I don’t observe this improving after plqying a lot of hands, so unclear what the neural net is for. Nov 28, By A Google user. Love this app. Easy to review bids, take back plays, etc. Intuitive interface. Ads aren’t overly frequent but are brigde easy to close when they do pop up Only minor quibble is bridge game for pc my phone’s interface is hidden during play, such as battery level and home button.

Good AI Jan 27, By Marie Griggs. Really fun Jul 15, By gxme Had learned bridge as gridge kid but not played for many years and never knew the bidding conventions. This is a great way to learn! Bridge by Neural Play Jan 7, By jake the sis. Very frustrating as opposing team at times will trump and then come gamw with the suit that they trumped! I have no recourse! Perfect for a beginner Mar 9, By dmueller The play matches most tutorials you will find online.

Excellent Jul 9,

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