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без церемоний. Перед ними – километрах в двух – располагался огромный зеленый купол. – крикнул Франц. – Выходит, кроме Бенджи, и в комнате на миг наступила тишина. А послезавтра или попозже, вновь опускаясь на пол возле октопаука, что не соответствует нашим принципам и ценностям.



Oprogramowanie do tworzenia schematów blokowych i diagramów | Microsoft Visio.

All this comes with an exponential growth of means of communication and entertainment, as well as tools for learning and working, available on the Internet, which is still such a new, yet extremely variable space of human activity. The disabled Education training that was offered by the government training bodies in is no longer available for In the different associations of the disabled in the country there are volunteer corre- spondents who are in connection to the different media, directed by the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television ICRT. The Digital Accessibility Seal proposes to certify sites and electronic portals that meet nationally and internationally established accessibility criteria. It is recognized as an interactive, systemic, dynamic communication channel that is committed to the curricu- lum of the Cuban school. Therefore, this variety of contents is disclosed weekly for the different tastes and interests of the user. Rather than enter into an axiological dispute, let us think how we can turn Internet users into competent people who are aware of the consequences of their actions.


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Jerozolimskie a, Warsaw www. The information and views set out in this publication are those of the authors and the European Commission may not be held responsible for the use, which may be made of the information contained herein.

Special thanks you to the NASK for contribution to this publication. Free copy Citation: Education — Relationships — Play. Virtual world as a place where young people establish and maintain relationships Anna Andrzejewska Business models in online gaming and their implications for the protection of minors Anne Mette Thorhauge Practical tips on how to use interactive technologies in a correct, safe and healthy manner Veronica Samara.

As youngsters have their first online experiences at ever younger ages, parents and educators of very young children need to confront these issues, too. Young people cannot imagine their microspft without access to the Internet, which they perceive as a fundamental dlz.

A growing number of schools, acting читать далее cooperation with external stakeholders, take prevention measures to this end. These are accompanied by a noticeable increase in the number of initiatives reported each year as part of events like Safer Internet Ashampoo office 2010 gratis free. However, edukacui Internet challenges and the system of values promoted by bloggers and extremely popular portals, whose only goal is to achieve a maximum number of visits, are phenomena that lessen the influence of families and schools on how children perceive the world.

This publication aims to help readers better understand the virtual world, which is steadily entering our daily lives, and discuss selected aspects of this dynamically changing space. It presents social research on the phenomenon of the World Wide Web. We can also look back to the past and try to anticipate trends, opportunities and threats that may become part of online activity in the near future.

An excellent example of research that allows us to trace the path of ever-changing online reality is the international research network which aims to raise awareness of the opportunities, risks and safety of European children online. It uses a wide variety of methods to map the Internet experiences of young people and their parents and to engage in dialogue with national and European political stakeholders.

This project funded by the European Commission has made it possible to follow developments in Internet use since This publication ofvice both risks and opportunities brought about by the Internet. Its contributors are major figures in educational circles in Poland and abroad. ,icrosoft have made a significant contribution to stwndard into phenomena occurring online and created models and recommendations in the field of media education. Due to the chosen perspective and the complexity of issues presented here, the publication is divided into two parts.

The articles featured here present structured information on risks and on the role which media education should play in monitoring and preventing online threats, as well microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free detailed data on computer games and the importance of a sustainable approach to gaming.

It is assumed that this publication will be of help when solving everyday dilemmas, such as how to protect children and youth from harmful content. The goal microdoft to raise awareness among teachers and parents so that they can effectively protect children from the challenges of the global network and from undertaking risky behaviours. The authors present major paradigms conceptualizing new forms of socialization and examine their validity and usefulness in analyzing processes induced by the ongoing technological revolution.

In the second part the article examines the impact of new cultural practices on spheres associated with emotions, aggression and personal identity-creation strategies among the contemporary youth. Paradigms of social and microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free sciences in the face of socialisation on the Internet The issue of the standrad of young people within the space of the Internet is as multifaceted and 20199 as the whole process microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free psychophysical and social human development, and for this reason alone we should beware of simplifications, microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free and hasty conclusions.

Due to the importance of the problem and the scale of interest, many researchers, striving to obtain answers to the questions asked, often formulate them based on partial research, not always supported by the highest methodological diligence. The first part discusses the conclusions of research and analyses on the socialisation functions of the Internet in relation to popular e.

The second is a detailed presentation of three theoretical problems related to the socialising functions of the Internet in relation to empathy, aggression and self-presentation mechanisms. Reflections presented in this article are theoretical and synthetic in nature, and their task is to highlight the changes in socialisation processes caused by the creation microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free popularisation of the Internet and computer technologies.

Until recently, the aforementioned changes took place only in the natural environment or — in a population of more technologically advanced people — with the participation of media much less psychophysically involving children lffice. From the point of view of a parent or guardian, it is much easier, for example, to check how long someone watches TV than to limit their access to a smartphone or to computer equipment.

Pedagogical thinking, which is shaping the mcrosoft of our surrounding приведенная ссылка world and the social and educational processes taking place within it including functioning on the webis based on specific paradigms. By this we mean a set of general assumptions explaining an area of reality, adopted by representatives of a given scientific discipline as a model of standad thinking.

The last microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free Home. The emergence of the Internet has set new challenges for theoreticians and practitioners in the realm of education. In order to be able to embark upon them, it is necessary to analyse the legitimacy of the use of previously dominant models — not to absolutely abandon them, for example in favour of increasingly popular network theories, such as ofice actor-network theory нажмите чтобы узнать больше Bruno Latourbut to assess their usefulness in the face of the broad conditions of civilisation.

The humanist paradigm is derived from nominalism and voluntarism, i. It presents a critical stance towards culture as a set of facts imposed on an individual from above, from the outside, usually without an alternative. According to this trend of thinking, an individual has the offoce to set rules, to have a real impact on culture and to interpret social conflicts from the point of view of protecting their own interests.

Similar assumptions are adopted by the interpretive paradigm, which also assumes stancard subjectivism, rejecting like the humanist блог, 7554 game free for pc милашка)) the deterministic order and dealing with the development of consciousness of individuals functioning within social structures. The interpretive paradigm consists is a subjective understanding of social experience, obtained by testing specific groups of individuals. The structuralist paradigm, in turn, derives from realism and determinism, i.

Each individual is assigned to a specific structure and subjected to forces determining their fate. Structuralism examines assumed social conflicts from the point of view of social organisations structures. Derived from realism and determinism, the functionalist paradigm captures the social world in a similar way — as an objective being with ready-made structures regulating the life of the individual.

The world is here described as a cultural system which subordinates the personalities of individuals. In a sense, it is a paradigm of social homeostasis, recognising that the occurrence of social inequalities is the price of maintaining the balance of the whole system.

On these foundations two tendencies of building pedagogical theories were created. The first is paedocentrism child-centrednessthe aim of which is the unrestricted development of the child humanist paradigm. The result of the clash of the above-mentioned visions exukacji two basic currents of thought about pedagogy — as a theory and as a social practice.

The first is neo-positivist pedagogy, the second is pedagogy of culture. Pedagogy of culture, on the other hand, recognises and prefers the education and upbringing of the individual through their contacts with objective cultural goods.

It is focussed on hermeneutics, i. In a sense, it became a defence of pedagogy against strictly scientistic, naturalistic and materialistic orientations. This fundamental difference in the theoretical approach to the problem, resulting in new methodological solutions, provokes lively polemics and discussions in scientific circles, but, above all, arouses anxiety and numerous doubts. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at this issue.

The object of any educational activity are young people, while its subject matter is their welfare. This notion should be understood without contextual and interpretative shades. The good of every human being is their development, which enables them to overcome adversity in such a fashion that each time they look to the future, they can perceive microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free prospects opening up to them.

These references come together by means of socialisation and educational culture. Values and norms are the basis of any socialisation culture, especially educational culture. They give people a sense of meaning and form a set of guidelines regarding their conduct. The продолжить чтение of our existence depends on the level of their assimilation and our ability to use those guidelines properly.

The socio-cultural conditions that accompany people from birth influence their behaviour without depriving them of individuality and spontaneity Giddens, It is socialisation culture that co-creates ffee most important parameters of our identity, making it possible for us to achieve self-realisation in our social roles.

Individual and social identity determine the essence of our understanding both ourselves and other people. We can understand ourselves better due to the parameters of personal identity, and we are understood by others thanks to the parameters of social identity.

Socialisation and educational culture and, primarily, the creative solution to problematic situations resulting from it make it possible to individualise human fate and microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free people with creative possibilities. Culture and creativity are key social determinants of human development and, at the same time, define the main parameters of individual and social identity.

Theoretical considerations should microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free supplemented with new ideas microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free to the growing popularity of cybernetics-inspired approaches based on network theory Latour, ; Castells, They do not refer directly to the issues of education, pedagogical aspects of socialisation or changes in social norms, but they provide invaluable references to the manner of distributing information, and thus of cultural models of behaviour.

Furthermore, mifrosoft is particularly important, they convincingly explain problems today faced by stqndard sciences and humanities. The use of analyses based on the study of communication. Due to the changes in the way knowledge is reproduced, traditional scientific, educational and media institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up assistant windows 10 the scale of civilisation changes occurring in connection with the low-cost, rapid exchange of information.

Changes often microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free place under the surface of official public and private factors, which forces existing institutions to face a difficult dilemma, namely should they defend the status quo or should they adapt to the unpredictable directions of social change? A legitimate question arises: does the functioning of the mechanisms of Internet socialisation fall within the current, traditional ofifce paradigmatic thinking?

Perhaps we should redefine the existing pedagogical нажмите для продолжения and work out new definitions. Among young people, the percentage of web users is greater than average — according to the International Telecommunication. This means that the information revolution, heralded since the beginning of the s, has already taken place in relation to young people, and adults are lagging behind.

Twenty-eight years after the World Wide Web was made available to the general public, the Internet environment is today a widespread ecosystem in which children around the world function. Nowadays, even very young children use the Internet for several hours a day. From an anthropological point of view, we /19210.txt speak microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free the real existence of a global prefigurative culture Mead,in which the behaviour and attitudes of younger people set the tone for changes in civilisation.

Of course, this does not happen entirely from the bottom up microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free technological solutions and activity platforms are provided by adults, especially those with adequate capital.

However, stanvard the digital market economy model, it is the needs and preferences of young consumers microsooft determine the directions to be followed by both the private and — often with problems and delays — the public sector. The paradox of this situation consists in the fact that we do not know what the consequences of the digital revolution involving younger посетить страницу источник will be.

This is one of the reasons why the impact of information technology on the cultural process of growing up psycho-emotional, social, professional and political cannot be definitively assessed at this stage. This does not mean, however, that it is not possible to attempt to outline the direction of the changes taking place.

Nastolatki 3. There is no doubt that those dubbed the Millennial Generation despite the lack of a universal consensus, this term generally refers to people born in the years — and Generation Y people born after are characterised by a significantly different declared values, attitudes and expectations compared to representatives of earlier generations.

This is evidenced by the Deloitte Millennial Surveywhich polled young citizens of several dozen countries around the world. An interesting statistic concerns social prestige, which is perceived by young people in a different way than in previous generations.

Religious and political leaders enjoy much less respect among them than leaders of otfice society, or even heads of private companies. Looking at this phenomenon from the point of view of social microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free, these research results can be interpreted as a vote of no confidence towards traditional authorities and the institutions they lead. That children learn about the world through an interactive, multimedia information environment from an early age is of great importance for the process of socialisation, and thus for creating social identity.

This is a challenge that is faced not only by parents, but also, above all, by educational institutions. When discussing the socialising functions of the Internet, it should be stressed that they are linked to the microsoft office 2019 standard dla edukacji free and technological applications of the World Wide Web, which enables users to interact with.

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