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Jul 31,  · Hi, I used to (with W7) make the localhost name point on other computer (not ) and it used to work. But on W10 it does not work anymore the line is still in the hosts file: ” localhost” But when I ping it the result is now: “Pinging MY-COMPUTRE [] with 32 bytes of data · Hi, I made a test and encountered same phenomenon. Oct 15,  · Modify your hosts file in Windows Here’s how you can modify Hosts files in Windows 10, and map domain names to server IP addresses of your choice. Open Notepad with administrator privileges. Nov 10,  · 2 Answers. Copy a known good file over from another machine, and be sure to edit the new file only with the Windows built-in Notepad editor or with Notepad++ – not with anything else. Create a new text file and Copy the content of the hosts file into the new file. Then remove the existing hosts file and rename the new file as hosts file (no.


Windows 10 hosts file ignored free.Weird behaviour of the HOSTS file (not working)


Permissions Sometimes there are issues with permissions on the file, the file attributes, and similar things. To recreate the file with default permissions: Create a new text file on your desktop. Copy and paste the contents of your current hosts file into this file in Notepad. Save the new text file and rename it to hosts. Last point is important: Copying works, moving doesn’t. If you can’t see the hosts file, ensure you can see hidden and system files.

Right-click on the hosts file and select Properties from the context menu. In the hosts Properties window, click on the Security tab. Examine the list of names in the Group or user names: box. If Users is not present, or is present but does not have Read permission, click Edit If Users is not present, click Add Click OK. If a Windows Security alert box pops up, choose Yes to continue. Click OK to close the hosts Properties window.

Go up to section 1 of this answer and follow the directions to check if it’s working now. Proxies If you have a proxy configured, it may bypass the hosts file. DNS address This may also resolve proxy issues. If you have more than characters on a line or more than 8 hosts entries for an IP create a new line e.

Improve this answer. Ross Smith II 4 4 bronze badges. I’m almost crying, so many ours going crazy for a SPACE at the beggining of a blank entry between 2 lines. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

The best workaround is just use the Windows version of Notepad which is bit. Good post, but with a couple errors. Win7 can be funny with permissions. You can add to this that there is a line length limit.

I’m not sure what the limit is, but my line was characters long 16 hostnames and the last few hostnames were not registered. When I split them into two lines, they all registered correctly. Show 22 more comments. Make sure you have put the ipaddress first and then the “domain” like this: Gustaf Gustaf 2 2 silver badges 2 2 bronze badges. I prefer to use a single line: This bit me and took a while to figure out. Do not use the. It is a valid generic global TLD owned by Google, and you will get a lot of problems using it.

See ma. Rookie mistake, but it worked. David Siviour David Siviour 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. That was it! I’ve been baffled by this problem for years. Thank you so much. This is not necessary for the hosts file to work , but it may help in your case if something is configured strangely. If you are using a. Windows somehow does not append its workgroup or localdomain. Please add checking file permissions. I found that even though I had Local Admin rights to the computer and thus to hosts.

I was experiencing the same issue, hosts file entries being ignored. I tried everything in this and many other threads with no luck. I figured I’d post what worked for me in case someone else comes across this. Note: simply opening the hosts file and deleting the content, verifying that it was 0kb and re-adding it did not work. I suspect a permissions issue on the file. Python 1 Javascript Linux Cheat sheet Contact.

Solution 1: Based on my own experience and what I encountered while Googling, here are some things to try: 1. Did you check that it works correctly? If yes, your hosts file is fine and the problem is elsewhere.

Basics Is your hosts file named correctly? It should be hosts and not host , etc. Is the extension correct? If you have additional questions, please let me know by replying to this thread. This way, I’ll get notified and respond back to you as soon as I can. Was this reply helpful?

Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Wow – this one of the most useful, on-target answers I’ve ever gotten from a Microsoft agent! Thanks very much – I’ll try the above re: saving Notepad as all files since it’s possible doing that correctly could be the solution to the Hosts issue itself. If not, then I’ll report the Hosts issue through the Feedback Hub. Hi – I used your method of saving the Notepad as “all files” in drivers, and that indeed worked, however the properly saved Hosts file is still being ignored, No problem opening any URL that is listed in there.

And this is on 3 different machines. Any help is greatly appreciated. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

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hosts file ignored, how to troubleshoot?.How To Edit the Hosts File in Windows 10

› en-us › windows › forum › all › hosts-file-being-i. I have 3 Windows 10 machines, and the hosts file is being ignored by ALL browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) on ALL 3 machines. Yes, I know how to edit the.

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