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Audio regions on grouped tracks whose anchors are not at the region start point are no longer unexpectedly selected when other non-overlapping regions in other tracks in the groups are selected. Fixes an issue where the Reset All Flex Edits command on a set of Grouped tracks in Slicing mode could throw the regions out of sync with one another.

– Logic pro x 10.4.5 free


Microsoft released Windows 10 on July 29th, and since launch there have been over 50 million installs of the operating system. And there are good reasons. The software giant is betting on Windows 10 to be one of the best operating systems you want to use. After all, it brings familiar features from Windows 7, it improves the shortcomings from Windows 8. Since launch, many users has been reporting some issues, which range from upgrade problems , apps not opening, compatibility and network issues, and a lot more.

So, as you can see Windows 10 seems not to be ready for a lot of people. So, today we’re going to look the options you have and instructions to downgrade successfully from Windows 10 to Windows 8. If you want to roll back, there are a number ways you can do this process. Today, we’re going to look a three different ways.

If you have been following our Windows 10 coverage, you probably came across the post: “How to prepare your PC for the Windows 10 upgrade”. If you followed the guide, you have created a full backup of your computer before upgrading to Windows If you did, fantastic!

You can simply make a new backup of your new files since the last full backup or just make a copy of all your files to an external hard drive. Also, note any new software installation since the last full backup, as you’ll need to reinstall them after rolling back. Once you have the backup of your files, and you know the apps you need to install, reboot your computer using the “repair disc”, which you’re prompted to create after creating the initial full backup.

Quick Tip: If you don’t have repair disc, you can also boot with the Windows 8. Once the process completes, you’ll be back to the previous version of your operating system, in this case, Windows 8. Now, if you have made a lot files changes, it’ll be recommended you delete all of your files and restore the updated versions using the new backup you created before downgrading back to Windows 8.

Also, don’t forget reinstall any software since the last backup. If you want to downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 8. This process involves having the installation media of Windows 8.

This method requires you to backup your files and to re-install all the programs on your computer. This method takes more time, but it’s also the cleanest way to downgrade. If you don’t the Windows 8. Follow this link and instructions opens in new tab. Important: If you have a dedicated partition to store files or a secondary hard drive, you don’t have to delete these partitions. After the installation process completes, you’ll be back to your previous version of Windows.

Now the only thing left to do is to restore your documents and other files from the backup, and you’ll need to re-install any software you have previously installed. Then there is the third option. Unlike Windows 8.

If you happened not to like Windows 10, or you’re having issues, Microsoft is adding the “Go back to Windows 8. However, the downside is that you only have a month after you upgrade to Windows 10 to go back.

If you’re still within a month after the upgrade you can follow these steps to go back:. Here simply click the Get started button. A file backup is not necessary but recommended. And then click Next. The process will take some time depending on your system configuration. Once you’re back on Windows 8. Remember in school when you’re taught the hard way, the difficult path, to resolve an equation?

Well, of the three methods, this last option should be the easiest and the one recommended by Microsoft. However, keep in mind that the Settings app option to go back to your previous operating system is only good for a month. As a result, make sure you try Windows 10 as much as possible before the month expires, that way you don’t have to resort to more complex methods.

Also, no matter what you do, always remember to make a full backup first, you’ll be surprised when it will come in handy! Are you on Windows 10? How do you like the new operating system or are you planning to downgrade? Let us know your experience in the comments below. We already have extensive coverage of Windows 10, in case you need more information or how-to articles, make sure you check these resources:.

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for WindowsCentral. His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. Windows Central Windows Central. Mauro Huculak. Topics Windows.

See all comments Windows 10, overall is better!! I don’t see a point to any of all this. Windows 10 is here for a reason. It still puzzles me why people want to switch back. Unless they have a reason for it, then that’s fine. But if there is no reason why you want to go back, don’t.

Because, like I said, there is no point in going back if you have no reason to do it. Great on desktop, bad on tablet. Many tablet users are downgrading.

Lol what am I saying? Of course you don’t have one. I’ve downgrade from Windows 10 on tablet. I’m on a Surface Pro 3 and had to downgrade to 8. On top of that, if I’m away from a Wifi point, the software just starts complaining that it cant log me in. I know, I’m not connected t anything. Windows 10 is still Beta, I’m upgrading again after TH2. On windows 8. Someone had their sassy flakes and snarky juice for breakfast this morning. I also need Right Click Save As and my computer working every day!

I need a better touch interface where everything doesn’t freeze all the time. Ergo i wanna go back to 8. The source is presumably anecdotal. I too upgraded my Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10, only to revert to Windows 8. Also, as others have said, OneNote is now missing many of the features that made it so useful on 8. I’m all for unifying interfaces across devices, but to remove really useful functions goes against convention for upgrades.

Some Apps are undoubtedly improvements over what went before – but not in all cases. The News app in 8. Microsoft were really onto something with 8. It’s a real shame they didn’t seem to understand this. W10 cry babies W8. And the bag it came in. You sir are an idiot! Explaining all the things that MS broke in this release to you would be a waste of breath!! I had to rollback from day one because of that. I can’t work without that feature from windows 8. Obviously the point is there are reasons to roll back like some mignt not like it or find it too buggy?

Just because its here doesnt mean everyone should upgrade, thats not a reason in itself. Reasons are that most people who do a wide range of serious work need good computers. Windows 10 doesn’t promote good computing. Windows 10 is not as efficient as Windows 8. That may be a problem. Windows 7 is like the XP it just works! Well I’m glad you cleared that up. I switched back on my surface because one drive was unusable. Lucky you. I can’t go back, MS won’t allow me to for some reason.


Logic Pro X – Mac Torrents – Method two: Recovery by clean installation

Live Home 3D Pro Edition 4. A progress bar now displays when converting multiple audio files to a compressed format in the Project Audio window. Projects with certain Audio Units plug-ins now load faster. From the release notes:. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.


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